Sunday, 26 June 2011


Been on a bit of a James Franco binge lately, watching 127 Hours & HOWL over the weekend. Both brilliant films and gives me an excuse to appreciate a good looking boy who is also a great talent! I don't know whether it was seeing both films back to back but it definitely outlines his acting abilities ( I'm being serious!) as both roles couldn't be more different. I must admit though, I'm good with gruesome (avid zombie film addict) but even the anticipated arm-cutting part of 127 Hrs was so tense, I think it was the snapping of bones that I couldn't stomach... he did it twice.. really! There was no need!

Howl by far was my favourite of the two. Was slightly disappointed that the film didn't focus more on Ginsberg's life but I guess the clue was in the title and it really did highlight the hysteria around the poem which was followed up with some great animation. I want to do a little piece about the poem but I think I'm going to wait until I can by a copy from it's original publishers at the City Lights bookstore in San Fran, so excited - not long now folks.

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