Thursday, 23 February 2012

Lucian Freud R.I.P

I managed to catch BBC four's programme on the life and works of Lucian Freud. I have always been a fan and of his style of painting and would gawp at the collections in both the Tate and Tate Britain every time I have the opportunity too. I really think that his use of colour and technique truly portrayed his sitters in such an inspiring way, that it has surely influenced great painters that we regard so highly now - Jenny Saville being one of them, possibly. 
The programme was particularly interesting as it was common knowledge the artist himself would seldom take part in interviews or press events, it was therefore so lovely to see footage of him in his last days and also the recordings from estranged family members talking about the time they spent in his presence, it was quite heart wrenching. He also was also such a looker in his younger years!

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